Croatian Employment Service, Dubrovnik Regional Office

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  Croatian Employment Service (CES) is a public institution the rights, obligations and responsibilities of which are prescribed under the Job Placement and Unemployment Insurance Act, and the purpose of which is to provide the solution to the problem of employment and unemployment in the widest meanings of those terms. The Croatian Employment Service is the main participant in the development of the Croatian labour market, especially in matching the overall demand with supply for the purpose of achieving full employment. Our mission is to provide efficient employment mediation services in the labour market through development of high-quality services adjusted to the needs of clients, development of knowledge, skills and abilities and promotion of partner relationships with other labour market stakeholders. The main responsibilities of the CES include: 

• employment mediation services provided to job-seekers in the country and abroad;
• financial insurance and other unemployment insurance benefits;
• vocational counseling of unemployed and other persons in making career and occupation choices;
• organization of vocational training, additional training and retraining programmes;
• monitoring and analysis of labour market conditions and informing the public about them;
• promotion of employment and training through implementation of active labour market policy measures.

The CES operates through the following organisational units: Central Office, 22 regional offices and 96 local offices Dubrovnik Regional Office is one out of 22 regional offices situated throughout Croatia, and it’s situated at the south of the country, at Adriatic Sea.