Faculty of Engineering-University of Kragujevac

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Faculty of Engineering of Kragujevac (MFKG), Serbia, was founded in 1960 and since then it has grown into a mature and dynamic educational and scientific institution with recognizable trace, reach tradition, stately results and high reputation in the world and in the country. The curriculum is based on the basic, applied and development engineering disciplines like: thermodynamics, material science, machine elements, metal machining, informatics, electrical engineering and computer applications. Faculty prepares its students for the activities in the machine and processing industry, for research and innovative work, for independent activities, exclusive jobs, their own business, design and informatics. Scientific-research activities at the Faculty are organized through 5 departments, 9 laboratories and 24 research centers. Engineering Software Lab (SOFTLAB), founded in 1976, and Center for Information Technology (CIT), founded in 2002, will represent the Faculty in this project.