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The company AUTEC s.r.l. was born in 1993 and since then it has offered a high level of electronic technology in the area of machine automation.

At the beginning this involved only industrial equipment but now also involves automotive equipment.

On request, the Autec engineers gain understanding of the customer's problem and give him the best technological solution. First, the engineers search on the market to see if the same commercial equipment can solve the customer's problem. If this equipment isn't available then they study and design the new electronic cards or equipment. Autec engineers can develop the software in a lot of languages, as the customer prefers ("Assembler", "Pascal", "C", "Visual Basic", "Visual C", and with O.S. "DOS", "Windows", "LINUX", and more). AUTEC has a division of engineers to study and develop software for commercial components present in our customer's machines.

From the idea to the finished product AUTEC guarantees the maximum quality in every step.