First Adria HUB kick off meeting - 19th Novembar 2012.

Welcome speach by SCM group, Mr. Raphael Prati

Welcome speech by University of Bologna, prof. Sergio Curioni

Welcome speech by the Adriatic IPA Managing Authority, Mr. Stevan Talevski

General description ADRIA HUB project&partnership, prof. Cristiano Fragassa

Presentation od SCM group-Woodworking Machines Division, Mr. Giuseppe Lucisano

prof. Dušan Gordić, prof. Dragan Pršić, Vesna Pešić

prof. Novak Nedić, prof. Živko Babić

prof. Dušan Gordić, PhD Ana Pavlović

prof. Sergio Curioni, PhD Barbara Cimatti

Mr. Stevan Talevski, prof. Milan Šljivić

PhD Barbara Cimatti, prof. Cristiano Fragassa

Technical visit to scm group

Technical visit to scm group

Technical visit to scm group

 Technical visit to scm group, acoustic room 

All participants from first day of 1st kick off meeting

Bilateral meeting between UNIBO and partners from Croatia, B&H and Montenegro