Contribution of the beneficiary

Several structures in the eligible regions are involved: 

Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna
  • CIRI MAM – Interdepartmental Research Centre for Innovative Materials&Mechanics (Ravenna, Faenza); 
  • DIEM - Department of Mechanical Engineering (Forlì); 
  • CIRSA – Interdepartmental Research Centre for Environmental Sciences (Ravenna); 
  • DAPT – Department of Architecture and Territorial Planning (Cesena). 
Other interterritorial bodies of Università di Bologna are used for support: 
  • ISA – Institute of Advanced Study; 
  • DIRI - International Relations Dept.; 
  • SODQ - Statistical Observatory of Didactical Quality. In platforms development, 
In platforms development, UNIBO has a support role in: 
  1. Project management; 
  2. Definition of logics, methods and tools; 
  3. Use of DBs and feedbacks for debugging. In the pilot project, UNIBO is the main actor for: 
  4. Knowledge deployment&transfer; 
  5. R&D performer; 
  6. training and retraining of staff and students. Additional tasks are: 
  7. Promotion and dissemination; 
  8. Quality management and scientific evaluation of results.