Project management

Methodology for management is based on: 

Participative Approach: any action carried out will be marked by interconnectivity and by the exploitation. The match of networking is the key point of the Project Partners (PP) operation strategy ensuring efficiency in terms of economy and coordination as well as effectiveness in terms of quality&timing. Flexibility, Quick Impact And Bottom Up Approach: the deep understanding of the local conditions is a prerequisite of the project feasibility. PPs are therefore asked to adapt planned actions to the target contexts and to be flexible ensuring the envisaged results.

Experts Contribution: experts will be appointed (by some PPs) to cover specific needs in management providing assistance and assuring implementation of tasks.

Self Sustainability: the designing phase of the project was aimed at responding to practical problems with feasible and replicable solutions. This method will guarantee efficient project coordination, avoiding financial and administrative problems.

Communication Activities: communication will reach the defined target groups supporting their actions.

Specifically, a Steering Committee (SC) and a Technical Board (TB) will be set up by PPs common decision. The SC will be responsible for the project coordination and for the management of administrative aspects and it will be composed of one representative from each PP and two from the Lead Partner (LP). The TB will be in charge of coordination and monitoring of technical aspects and assessing their compliance with programme obligations, timetables and indicators. It will be composed of two experts appointed by each PP. Meetings will be organised every 4 months. A detailed agenda will define main topics to discuss and decisions to take and detailed minutes will follow each meeting to inform partners, improve project coordination and implementation and approve decisions – financial and administrative. In addition, the LP will appoint a Financial Manager, in charge of the coordination of the overall financial activity, and a Communication Manager, that will monitor all communication activities. Both Managers will report periodically to the LP and to SC and, when requested, to the TB.

With an intention to share responsibilities, a Working Package (WP) coordinator will be appointed for each WP. Nevertheless, the LP will overview the entire project. Each partner will be in charge of its part to be implemented at local level involving the staff and respecting internal and official deadlines. The partnership will play a major role during the promotional events in order to stimulate and involve stakeholders, decision makers and target groups. In addition, an International Teamwork forum and 4 national forums will be set up. They will be composed of experts from local stakeholders and will provide their opinion and suggestions on specific issues. They will also monitor and evaluate project activities, evaluating results and effectiveness, providing recommendations mainly to policy makers.